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Squish it, smash it, soak it! Paper pulp sculpting with kids

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Paper pulp sculpting is a favorite activity in my studio, engaging kids as young as two up to older elementary students. It’s a straightforward craft that doesn’t break the bank, requiring only everyday household items like toilet paper, Elmer glue, and gouache paints. 

For the little ones, this activity is a sensory playground. They get to feel the wet squish of soaked paper and the stickiness of glue, all while developing crucial fine motor skills as they tear, mash, and shape their creations. As for the older kids, paper pulp sculpting presents a canvas for complexity and precision, allowing them to channel their creativity into more intricate designs.

Here’s how to create whimsical paper pulp sculptures with just a few everyday household items.

Paper pulp sculpting with kids

Materials Needed:


Clean-Up Routine:

As the sculpting fun winds down, it’s essential to instill good clean-up habits in the children. Here’s a simple routine to follow:

  1. Brush and Container Cleaning: Once the children complete their masterpieces, guide them in taking their brushes and containers to the sink. Show them how to rinse the brushes thoroughly and how to clean the containers. This not only teaches responsibility but also respect for their tools and materials.
  2. Tidy-Up Time: Provide cloths for wiping up any spills on tables and floors. Encouraging children to clean up their own messes fosters independence and care for their environment!

Additional tips:

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