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15 Mother’s Day Crafts You Will Actually Want to Keep

15 easy Mother's Day crafts Art Sprouts

Ah, Mother’s day crafts… “It’s the thought that counts,” we say. 

Mother’s day is coming up, and parents all over the world are ready to awe in admiration at their child’s umpteenth macaroni project.  

But the truth is cards, drawings, and edible sculptures fill up fridges and shelves pretty quickly. So how about we venture out, and engage students in creating something parents will actually want to keep?

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the reasoning behind making “cards”: it’s easy, is cheap, is quick, and anybody can do it.

But it is also a missed opportunity. 

When I was in grade school, a lady from the local community came to school teach how to create patchwork decors for mother’s day (or was it easter holidays?).

What I do remember is that I loved it.  It was something new and once I learned, I was able to continue creating by myself at home.  

So you can hire your local crafty lady, or even more convenient, ask the “ladies on the internet” how to create pretty much anything!

So here is a list of 15 super easy mother’s day crafts that you will actually want to keep. 

How about handmade soap?

via Tweak and Tinker

Or perhaps a pompom mobile?

via HonestlyWTF

How about some personalized magnets?

via Rhythms of Play

Or an aromatherapy candle?

via Pretty Crafty and Wanderful

Weaved tapestry anybody?

via Art Bar Blog

What about this bath bomb recipe that is safe for kids. 

via DIYanDinosaurus

15 Mother’s day crafts you will actually want to keep

Maybe these awesome painted tea towels?

via hellowonderful

What do you think about these watercolor polymer clay hearts?

via linesacross

Or a handmade book to tell moms how much they mean

via Hello wonderful

How about fingerprint mugs that even toddlers can make?

via The best ideas for kids

Or perhaps handpainted plates for the delicious food moms cook us?

And a tutorial on how to make the cutest microwavable heat-packs

via Hoosier homemade

Or a painted planter

via O mundo de jess

Here is a recipe for coconut sugar scrub moms will love

via Freebie finding mom

Finally don’t miss these super easy No-sew DIY lavender bags

via Intimate Weddings
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