17 Lovely​ Children's Books about Winter

Winter is the perfect season to gather around a book under a cozy blanket as the snow falls outside.
Here is a collection of my favorite winter books for preschoolers and young readers.

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17 Lovely​ Children’s Books about Winter

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Blizzard by John Rocco

In 1978, fifty-three inches of snow-covered Rhode Island in the now infamous Great Blizzard of 1978. Author John Rocco tells us about those unprecedented events through his own childhood recollection. The excitement of being off school as the first snowflakes hit the ground, the cozy hot chocolates with family as the snow outside continues to build up. Unlocking a stuck door and walking in the snow to the grocery store become incredible formative adventures for the young John Rocco.  

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and Maru Azarian

Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) is known as the first photographer of snowflakes. Born on a farm in Vermont, Bentley started studying snowflakes as a young teenager. As they were melting too quickly to draw accurately, he though about attaching a camera to his microscope, eventually photographic his first snowflake in January 1885. His technique was so simple and accurate that it virtually remained unchanged for over 100 years.  

Martin’s and Azarian’s Snowflake Bentley, winner of the 1999 Caldecott Medal for the best illustrated children’s book, recounts Wilson Bentley’s research journey starting as an inquisitive young child till his incredible discovery that no two snowflakes are alike. 

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Lines by Suzie Lee

“It starts with a line. Whether made by the tip of a pencil

or the blade of a skate, the magic starts there.”

It is not surprising that Suzie Lee is one of the most acclaimed children illustrators today. Cleverly planned and superbly illustrated, Lines talks about rhythm, patterns, movement, perseverance, and strength, without words in the purest, most immediate visual form. 

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The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

The Snowman is the wordless story of a boy making friends with a snowman through 175 artfully composed frames. Made famous by the animated film of 1982 ( Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film nominee), the illustrated book is just as charming and heartwarming as the movie. Cherish the moment and the company of people you love, reminds the author, as they are often fleeting and extraordinary. 

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Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

 “It was late one winter night, long past my bedtime, when Pa and I went owling.”  Even the simplest of activities can become an enchanting adventure in the eyes of children. Author Jane Yolen knows how to beautifully captures this feeling as she tells us about the charming experience of a girl walking with her dad through the silent forest at night, hoping to hear an owl. 

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Hurry and the Monarch by Antoine O Flatharta and Meilo So 

The charming encounter of a Monarch butterfly with a turtle at Wichita Falls is the clever disguise the authors use to tells us about the amazing 2000 miles Monarch butterflies travel to migrate from Canada to Mexico. A beautifully illustrated book about a butterfly and a turtle which is also an excellent educational book about Monarchs full of facts and additional scientific data. 

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Snow by Uri Shulevitz

Snow has been a winter classic for over 20 years now, having won the New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year in 1998. The lively watercolor illustrations show the city’s transformation as the snow falls and covers the dull grey architecture with its magical coat. As adults complain and grumble rushing home before the blizzard, the boy and his dogs are left alone to joyfully enjoy the snow. 

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Winter Dance by Marion Dane Bauer and Richard Jones

Every year before winter, we take out our warm clothes, put blankets in our beds, clean the chimneys. We collect wood for our stoves and double-check ou heaters and tires. But how about animals? How do they prepare for winter? Winter Dance tells us about the habits and duties wild animals must follow to survive through the winter each year. 

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Track in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee

Just outside my window,

There are tracks in the snow.

Who made the tracks? Where do they go?

Following the tracks in the snow becomes a little mystery game for the curious little protagonist of this book. A clue after the other, where will they lead her to?

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No Two Alike by Keith Baker

Anybody that has read Snowflake Bentley knows that no two snowflakes are alike. In this lovely illustrated book, we follow the adventure of a pair of birds as they set off to explore the white snowy landscape looking for little details that make each item special and unique. 

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Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. This non-fiction picture book takes us underneath the white coat to explore a lively world of animals that take refuge under the snow to escape the cold winter months. Through the lovely illustrations, we get to explore the life of snow hares, bears, squirrels, and many more animals that hide away beneath the snow. 

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss

Here comes another classic from Dr. Seuss. The Grinch has become a mainstay of the holiday season and a beloved character, so don’t forget to celebrate Grinch-mas and grow your heart three sizes by doing good deads this wintertime!

Is This Panama? A Migration Story by Jan Thornhill and Soyeon Kim

Some animals hide beneath the snow, some prepare for winter long before the cold comes, others prefer to leave for warmer climates. 

This book tells the story of Sammy, a young Wilson’s warbler, as he wakes up one frosty August morning near the Arctic Circles and immediately knows its time to start his migratory journey south to Panama. Migratory patterns and seasonal changes are discussed as he encounters and receives advice from many different animal friends all busy going places far far away. 

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When the Snow Falls by Linda Booth Sweetney

We all know that Grandma bakes the best cookies. In this book, Grandma is also a lot of fun as she takes brother and sister for an outdoor snow adventure. 

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Stella by Marie-Louise Gay

As the first heavy snowfall transforms Stella’s and Sam’s familiar landscape, the two children set out to explore the new surrounding. Where do snowmen sleep? Can you eat a snowflake? Do snow angels sing? Through the beautifully illustrated pages, young readers will join the adventure of little Sam and bold Stella as they explore and enjoy the snowy magical world around them.

White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin

First published in 1947, White Snow, Bright Snow is definitely a winter classic. Capturing the magic of winter snowfalls with rhythmic prose and wonderfully styled illustration, it’s simply a timeless read and a must-have in any children’s book collection.

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The Snowy Nap by Jan Brett

All his farm friends tell Hedgie of the winter-fun he will miss once he hibernates. How can he just sleep through all that! Hedgie ultimately decides he will stay awake this winter. Fortunately, Lisa finds him before its too late and brings him into her cozy home: Hedgie will finally see all the winter fun from her safe and warm house. 

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