Paper sculpture: Engaging Process art for Toddlers and Kids

Paper sculpture is a versatile and engaging activity that has become a staple in my studio, making a comeback year after year through different curriculums, from paper-making to toddler art. This post outlines a process-oriented approach to creating paper sculptures, designed to inspire creativity and sensory exploration in young artists. As a process-based activity, this

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Squish it, smash it, soak it! Paper pulp sculpting with kids

Paper pulp sculpting is a favorite activity in my studio, engaging kids as young as two up to older elementary students. It’s a straightforward craft that doesn’t break the bank, requiring only everyday household items like toilet paper, Elmer glue, and gouache paints.  For the little ones, this activity is a sensory playground. They get

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The “New” Education Vocabulary

Diving into the world of education can sometimes feel like learning a new language. From “emotional literacy” to “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” the vocabulary of teaching and learning is ever-expanding, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field. That’s why this friendly glossary has been put together. Think of it as an educational compass, guiding you through

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