Kandinsky Circles Lesson for Kids: Practical color theory

Kandinsky’s Circles Lesson for Kids: Color theory made Fun Here comes another variation on the Kandinsky circles paintings theme. Last time we used polymer clay, while on this post I’d like to share a painting activity using rice paper (Xuan paper) and gouache. The underestimated Xuan paper  I have a little confession to make: I

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How to make color theory actually fun

AKA, how to take one of the least creative bits of art education and make it inspiring.  The issue with teaching color theory (most times) While color theory is definitely significant in art practice, the actual argument has arguably more to do with science than with art. This is to say, that color theory classes

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Children Books | Art Sprouts’s Favourite Pick

Have you seen the rabbit on the moon? Many Chinese believe that you can see a hare on the moon, pounding in a pestle the Elixir of Long life for Chang’E, the Moon Goddess of Immortality. 

The legend tells us about Chang’E, the faithful wife of Hou Yi the archer that saved humanity by shooting down all but one of the Ten Suns that were scorching earth and killing crops.
His brave actions were rewarded by The Queen Mother of the West (Xi Wang Mu) with one dose of the Elixir of Long Life she brewed in her heavenly orchard.

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