17 Engaging Nature Art Activities for Kids: Springtime Outdoors Play with Nature

Hey there! Can you feel it? Spring is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to get creative with nature! Why not encourage your little ones to connect with the outdoors and unleash their imaginative spirits? To help you out, we’ve searched the web and put together a handpicked collection of some of the most engaging and inspiring nature art activities for kids.

But this list is more than just a set of instructions. It’s a springboard for creativity, learning, and exploration that pays homage to the vibrant colors, textures, and wonders of the great outdoors. From the tranquility of Reggio-inspired art projects to the hands-on fun of eco-friendly crafts, there’s something here for every young artist and nature enthusiast.

So, grab your art supplies, head outside, and let’s celebrate spring, nature, and creativity together! Let’s make this season unforgettable by creating beautiful art with the most inspiring muse of all: Mother Nature herself.

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Art Sprouts_17 Engaging Nature Art Activities for Kids Springtime Outdoors Play with Nature

1. Clay & Elderflower Prints 

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

elderflower clay jpg

Have you ever thought elderflowers could make art? Grab some clay, and let’s find out! Suitable for the curious and creative aged 4+, this activity is all about exploring the wonders of nature and making cool stuff along the way.

2. Outdoor Tree Bark Rubbings 

I Can Teach My Child

121A9661 jpg

Let’s take our art supplies outside and see what happens when trees meet paper. Ideal for explorers aged 3+, this simple activity is great for discovering all the amazing patterns nature has hidden right in our backyard.

3. Easy Monoprinting with Nature 

Cloth Paper Scissors

nature monoprinting 1

Who said printmaking was hard? Grab some leaves and a bit of paint, and let’s make some magic! This activity is perfect for kids of all ages to explore creativity and see the beauty in leaves. Plus, it’s a super fun way to make one-of-a-kind prints!

4. Sunny Day Sun Prints 

Dieuwertje Make

TUTORIAL sun print3 1

Sunny days are for playing outside… and making sun prints! This cool science-meets-art project is excellent for ages 4 and up. Watch in awe as the sun does the work and leaves behind stunning blueprints of our favorite objects.

5. Leaf Rubbing Mural 

Filth Wizardry

leafrubbingmural9 jpg

Let’s turn leaves into art with this giant mural project. It’s hands-on, messy, and fun, suitable for the whole family. Not only does it bring out the tiny details in every leaf, but it also creates a masterpiece that’ll have everyone talking.

6. Chalky Leaf Art 

Coffee Cups and Crayons

Leaf Art with Chalk Markers jpg

Chalk isn’t just for sidewalks anymore. With some leaves and a bit of imagination, we’re turning it into art! This activity is fantastic for artists aged 4+, offering a colorful way to mix nature and creativity on your driveway or paper.

7. Shadow Drawing 

Mini Mad Things

shadow drawing 1 902e8ab0 82f1 41fe 99e7 162d162843e0 600x600 jpg

Grab those toys, a sunny spot, and let’s trace some shadows! Perfect for the curious little artist in your life, this activity mixes a bit of science with creativity. Suitable for kids 3 and up, it’s a fantastic way to learn about light and shadows.

8. Leaf Printing on Rocks 

Projects with Kids

Leaf Art with Chalk Markers jpg

Rocks and leaves? More like the perfect canvas and brush! This rock painting activity is great for nature lovers aged 4 and up. It’s not just about painting; it’s about creating little pieces of art that tell a story.

Art Sprouts_17 Engaging Nature Art Activities for Kids Springtime Outdoors Play with Nature

9. Nature Leaf Mobile 

Hello Wonderful

IMG 7813

Let’s bring a piece of the outside in with a beautiful leaf mobile. This DIY project is a hit for crafters 5 and up, offering a lovely way to decorate with the colors of nature. Plus, it’s a great excuse to go on a leaf hunt!

10. Beatrix Potter & Nature 

Blog She Wrote

Beatrix Potter 3

Dive into the world of Beatrix Potter and let’s explore nature through her eyes! This activity is perfect for storytellers and budding artists alike, ages 5 and up. It’s a beautiful blend of literature and art, inspiring kids to create their own stories.

11. Nature Journals 

Homeschool Giveaways

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Let’s take a walk, find some cool stuff, and jot it all down in our very own nature journal. Suitable for young explorers aged 4+, this activity combines art, writing, and science in a super fun way. Who knows what amazing discoveries we’ll make?

12. Botanical Sun Printing on Linens 


Screenshot 2024 03 22 at 14.44.07

Ever wanted to capture the beauty of nature on fabric? Here’s your chance! This activity is amazing for crafters aged 7+, offering a unique way to make stunning prints on linens using just the sun. It’s art, it’s science, and it’s absolutely magical.

13. Nature Art Frames 

Child’s Play ABC

img 20200607 233859 002

Gather some twigs, leaves, and flowers, and let’s frame our world! Perfect for kids aged 4+, this crafty project encourages little artists to frame their favorite outdoor scenes. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate the beauty around us and get creative.

Art Sprouts_17 Engaging Nature Art Activities for Kids Springtime Outdoors Play with Nature

14. Leaf Sewing for Kids 

Pink Stripey Socks

P9192538 jpg

Who says sewing isn’t for kids? With some leaves and a bit of thread, we’re diving into the basics of sewing in a totally fun and safe way. This activity is great for ages 5+, helping to develop fine motor skills and creativity.

15. Nature Creative Collages

Petit & Small

Make and Decorate Your Own Nature Paper Dolls by Mer Mag 2

Boredom? What’s that? Dive into a treasure trove of easy and fun DIY activities perfect for kids of all ages. Whether it’s crafting, painting, or building, there’s something here to spark everyone’s imagination.

16. Autumn Play Dough & Nature Stamps 

Raising Up Wild Things

img 6716 jpg

Let’s squish, squash, and stamp our way through autumn with some homemade play dough and nature stamps. Ideal for sensory seekers aged 3+, this activity is not just fun; it’s a sensory experience that celebrates the colors and textures of fall.

17. Fall Leaves Crafts 

Real Red Riding Hoods

fall leaves crafts for children IMG 8705 jpg

Fall leaves aren’t just for jumping in—they’re for crafting, too! Suitable for crafters aged 4 and up, this collection of leaf-based projects will keep little hands busy and hearts full of joy. It’s the perfect way to welcome the autumn season.

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Have you tried any of these activities? Let me know in the comments section below! I’d love to hear about your favorite crafts or nature-inspired creations. Happy creating! 🌱✨